Attention Geneva Woods Homeowners!

The Municipality of Anchorage is planning to purchase the Golden Lion Hotel and repurpose it into a "Treatment Facility" which may be used to house the homeless. Proposed Ordinance AO No. 2020-58 will rezone every B3 (commercial) property in Anchorage to permit use as "Homeless and Transient Shelter Facilities".  Planning and Zoning Commission review will be bypassed! 

                                   * ACT NOW TO SAVE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

                   *Attend virtual Community and Economic Development Meeting            Thursday, June 18 9:00-10:30 am by phoning (907) 519-0237 then enter

conference ID number: 635 736 473#

*Email or call our Representatives and the Mayor:   (907) 306-5052 (mobile) (907) 764-0841