Board of Directors Officers:

President - Dave Forsland, 3931 Helvetia Drive - Cell: 907-891-0807

Vice President - Vacant

Secretary- Delynne Chambers, 3954 Geneva Place

Treasurer- Jodi Forsland, 3931 Helvetia Drive


Remaining Board Members :

Berta Gardner - 1405 Matterhorn Way

John Finley - 1337 Staubbach Circle

William Gornto - 1340 St. Gotthard Avenue

Michael Todd - 1322 St. Gotthard Avenue

Katherine West - 3854 Helvetia Drive


If you have a concern, contact one of the individuals above and they will help get you to the individual that can provide the best response. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact anyone of your current board members for more information. We would enjoy seeing more involvement by more neighbors that would help our neighborhood maintain its attractiveness and continue being a fun and safe neighborhood for our families.