7 thoughts on “Neighborhood Chit-Chat

  1. Annual Homeowners Meeting May 31st, 6-8pm, BP Energy Center, Birch Room. All Geneva Woods residents are encouraged to attend, though only homeowners who have paid their dues can vote or ask questions of the mayor.
    Food — pizza, cookies and bottled water.

    Annual Meeting Agenda
    Golden Lion will be housing, at least initially, medically fragile clients (those with mobility issues, unmedicated paranoid schizophrenics) starting in June. Mayor Bronson will be speaking, as well as Cathleen McLaughlin, who has run the Sullivan Arena and will be selecting residents for the Golden Lion.
    Covenants Revision
    Sanctuary — We expect more campers now that the Sullivan Arena is closed. Some of the boardwalk needs repair.
    Dues — If we’re going to need to pay for security, we need to consider raising the $50 and making it mandatory for future homeowners.


    1. The Board of the Geneva Woods Homeowners Association is inviting all Geneva Woods owners and residents to attend the annual homeowners meeting on May 31st at 6:00pm at the BP Energy Center (the bright green building on the north side of 36th, near the Seward Highway). Although only property owners who have paid the $50 annual dues have voting rights we are opening the meeting to others as we will be discussing at least two issues of general interest to all residents.

      Firstly, Anchorage Mayor Bronson will attend part of our meeting to explain the city plan for use of the Golden Lion building as a shelter for people who are homeless, or perhaps people who are homeless and have significant disabilities. We really don’t know exactly what the plan is so we expect to see a high level of interest in this meeting with many questions. Please note that dues paying members of the association will have priority for asking questions of Mayor Bronson.

      Secondly, there is interest in possible amendments to our neighborhood covenants. You can read the covenants here: https://genevawoods.us/about/covenants/
      At purchase, all property owners have signed the covenants and agree to abide by them but the covenants can be modified if a majority of owners support changes. This would be a longtime project and likely need a fair amount on neighborhood help to build support and collect the necessary signatures.

      We expect and welcome lively discussion about these issues and others.

      Berta Gardner
      Geneva Woods HOA Board Member
      (speaking for myself)

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  2. Let us know how your like our neighborhood website. Can you find everything easily? Is there anything you’d like to see?

    If you haven’t signed up yet, you can easily do so on the Contact page.


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