Dues are just $50 per year and may be paid either via PayPal or in-person. Information forthcoming.

Why pay dues?

  1. Active volunteer GWHOA Board.
  2. Active Covenant Compliance Committee.
  3. Active Architectural Plan Review Committee.
  4. These people help preserve property values for all.
  5. Proactive responses to problems and issues in the neighborhood
  6. Board members, putting in approximately a minimum of 20 hours each totaling over 260 hours of time to help keep our community a great place to live.
  7. A beautiful neighborhood with great history.
  8. A maintained website for answers to your questions.
  9. A maintained e-mail network for informing our community.
  10. An all-inclusive directory of neighbors available to active members.
  11. Active advocates on the community’s behalf to contact local political leaders.
  12. Solutions-based group that doesn’t just point out the problems, but has ideas on how to solve them.
  13. Neighbors that are willing to assist and help that you can get to know easily.
  14. The attractive neighborhood signs that were recently replaced due to rotted timbers.
  15. Readily available covenants to allow each person to determine if the actions they want to do are in accordance with the covenants.
  16. People that organize the events that happen each year, meaning you just need to show up!
  17. Speaking of events, the annual GWHOA meeting in April/May.
  18. Beverages at the GWHOA meeting, including soft drinks or wine and beer (if allowed by the hosting venue).
  19. The terrific food also available for everyone’s enjoyment at the meeting.
  20. How about the Annual Garage Sale, advertised locally and put on the first weekend of June that is known city-wide?
  21. The occasional dumpster that shows up at Locarno & St. Gotthard after the garage sale that keeps all of us from having to run the junk to the dump and pay dump fees.
  22. Coordination, as needed, with ARC of Anchorage to come through and pick up donations after the garage sale for those things you want to donate.
  23. A well-connected network of people in the overall Anchorage community that can get answers to questions about unique events that may affect our community.
  24. A group of citizens that care and take actions to ensure that the sanctuary adjacent to our community is a pleasant place to enjoy.
  25. A networks of people that can provide services or know service providers for many of the needs of people of our community.
  26. How about those Welcome Baskets for the new people coming into Geneva Woods – looking for a Welcome Coordinator!
  27. The great group that makes sure those baskets get delivered.
  28. A rich history of community leaders that you can rub elbows with and enjoy their company at the Annual Picnic.
  29. Speaking of the Picnic, how about burgers, hot dogs, chicken, chips and soft drinks provided to all the community free of charge the third Wednesday in July!
  30. How about those neighbors that organize the Picnic, who have it down to a science and it all just seems to happen!
  31. And there is a community spatula for flipping all those burgers on the grill.
  32. Oh yeah, there’s that grill that magically shows up every year ready to go.
  33. And those neighbors that flip those burgers and roll those hot dogs to perfection – just for you!
  34. If it does happen to rain during the picnic – no worries – the Association has several tents that are available so the picnic WILL GO ON.
  35. And the tables and chairs and coolers and on and on ….
  36. Whoa, let’s not forget the entertainment!!! Who is that clown doing the face painting anyway?
  37. The special events for the kids to enjoy – like chalk drawing, balloon tying, ?
  38. And when it is all done, it just seems to clean itself up, huh?
  39. Talk about watching out for the kids (and adults), did you realize that when we had our neighborhood bear in the area, it pretty much couldn’t go to the bathroom without an e-mail message about where it was and what it was doing.
  40. Help to maintain property values in this community to remain stable, despite the economic challenges around us.
  41. The money needed to do all these things we do comes from all of us.
  42. Someone that keeps track of all the money and reports on how every nickel is spent.
  43. Coordination with our community councils around us to coordinate on common issues.
  44. The advertising flyers on your door knobs that help keep everyone informed.
  45. An annual update on the real estate market affecting our community.
  46. Someone that gets the room lined up and makes all the arrangements for the annual meeting, so you can read, eat, drink, listen and contribute.
  47. Someone else takes care of the non-profit and tax-exempt stuff for the organization also, so we don’t have to worry about it.
  48. Active and friendly people that you can talk to as you walk through the neighborhood and soon know as your good neighbors
  49. A common goal to make and preserve our community as a place we all can be proud of an – that others want to be a part of.
  50. Results that make Geneva Woods a beautiful place to live in the heart of Anchorage.